There’s lots of things to tell you but it depends why you’re here!


About Jenny: Information Scientist

I am a taxonomist/information architect, and technically a librarian.  I work full time as a Manager of Taxonomy at Etsy.com. I also do freelance taxonomy consulting and thesaurus development, metadata consulting, research, user experience and competitive intelligence consulting.  If you have a data set with little metadata that is just getting bigger with no solution, I’m the person for you.  I have previously authored taxonomy solutions for the Associated Press (available via API here), Sears.com, Kmart.com, IMLS, and indie music websites.  My design philosophies are user driven with a focus on combining automatic classification and traditional expert created metadata.

I am also available for personal librarianship, reader’s advisory, and collection development in a private library.

You can find out about my speaking engagements here.  My LinkedIn will give you more information.


About Jenny: Lecturer & Podcast Guest

I lecture on taxonomy, user experience, remote work, branding, social media, music, musicians, pop culture, religion, propaganda & North Korea.

You can read more about my lecturing career here or listen to some of them here.

I am known for my lectures on the Insane Clown Posse and Juggalos, lectures which based out of a post on this blog.

I podcasted over here about pop culture and life skills/being a better adult. I am available as a podcast guest or lecturer on any of these topics.


About Jenny: Regular Person

I enjoy book/magazine reading, movie watching, excessive lyric dissection, going to music shows, travel, and general internet addiction. I love ridiculously trivial knowledge. I believe in the balance of the Harvard comma. I love cities and public transit. I enjoy abandoned buildings & dark tourism.

I love people who believe in weird things. I studied propaganda in college and I’ve always been interested in people with strong convictions even in the face of reason which proves otherwise. As a result, I visit a lot of churches for an atheist.

I live in Chicago. I have also lived in New York, Champaign-Urbana, IL, and Portland, OR, all great places. I have 4 states in the US left to visit (Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, & New Mexico) and I hope to knock a few off this year.


Contact or Hire Me

I can be found many places on the internet. Most places I use the name jennybento in case you are inclined to googlestalk me, tweet at me, email me, or schedule a call.