If you’re even barely familiar with me, you know I am constantly listening to audio! This usually takes the form of podcasts and audiobooks. I apologize ahead of time that most of our conversations will include me saying, “I heard this interesting thing on a podcast….”

I do get a lot of questions about what I am listening to, and almost no one is ready for the sheer numbers of podcasts I listen to. There are many I just listen to a few episodes of, a lot that I binge a bunch of episodes every once in a while, many that I listen to only occasionally, but at least half of these I listen to every episode. All hail smart speed.

So here’s the list of my recommended podcasts. I have been using Overcast because it has features I like, including the aforementioned Smart Speed, Voice Boost, sleep timers, and an account login (in case your phone dies). I have an account grandfathered in. I personally probably would not pay a monthly amount to use a podcatcher. I avoid Apple podcasts at all costs. I have tried many others and Downcast was pretty much the runner up. I have only switched back to Overcast because of the account features.


My “Ride or Dies”

These have changed through the years but currently my drop everything and listens that seem to still be active are:

  1. Red State Update/Extra 20 Mins with Jackie & Dunlap/Redneck Matinee/100 Ways to Love a Cat–¬†They are all by the same comedy team and they are amazing.
  2. The Dollop— funny history.
  3. Buzzfeed’s Internet Explorer— It’s active like, once a year but I miss it so. If you’ve never listened, you have a treasure trove of internet weirdness to hear about.
  4. Cocaine & Rhinestones— Country music history. So well researched.
  5. Truu Stowray— M. Doughty & Dave Holmes go through every ep of the Real World. I cannot wait for more episodes.
  6. Oh, No, Ross & Carrie— Skeptics try out religious & paranormal experiences.
  7. Tights & Fights— A wrestling podcast that isn’t sexist or bigoted and celebrates the really fun things about wrestling.
  8. Cult Podcast— Comedians discuss cults.
  9. Do By Friday/Aftershow— Merlin Mann & the Cards Against Humanity crew try a new thing once a week.
  10. Pounded in the Butt by My Own Podcast— Chuck Tingle stories read aloud.
  11. Zealot— Australian podcast about cults
  12. Reply All— If Internet Explorer was done by serious journalists
  13. Tomefoolery— Comedians discuss odd books–usually political, religious and self published.
  14. Throwing Shade— Calling out anti-women & anti-queer news & politics.
  15. Eat Your Kimchi/Tokyo Tales— The very short podcast of youtube stars Simon & Martina.
  16. My Brother, My Brother, & Me— Funny advice.
  17. How Did This Get Made?— Good-hearted look at “bad” movies.
  18. Unspooled— A look at all the AFI top 100 movies.

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