I never want to talk politics

I refuse to believe that people who disagree with me are inherently dumb, inhuman, or deserving of degradation. I try to resist name calling people just because they disagree with me. I don’t see how it gets me closer to any goals, it alienates people, and it doesn’t deal with fixing the actual issue. Dehumanizing others instead of having empathy is easy and shitty. Generalizing about large groups of people, especially those I do not know, whose lives I do not live, is bullshit. I haven’t be in a situation where disrespecting people makes a situation better. I think most normal people can be driven to extremes when really frustrated, just like I am. I value a diversity of opinions and want to understand why people think differently than I do. Holding one belief I think is terrible doesn’t make a person bad or inhuman. You probably love a lot of people who think things you think are shitty. People are complex.
Dehumanizing, snarky reactions are momentarily fun, anti-progress, and keep the people who want us distracted in power. I don’t say these things out of judgement for other people’s actions but to remind myself of these things I wholeheartedly believe and hope you’ll help me stay accountable for them and not take the unproductive road. Because being snarky on the internet is easier and more fun than thinking hard about a thing and fixing it, and I am offender #1.
If you disagree, that’s awesome. We’re still friends.

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