Music 2012

Top Ten Artists Listened to in 2012

  1. The Long Winters (16)
  2. Weezer (9)
  3. R. Kelly (35)
  4. Jonathan Coulton (8)
  5. The Mountain Goats (54)
  6. The Magnetic Fields (2)
  7. Dwight Yoakam (13)
  8. Wilco (6)
  9. The Velvet Underground (17)
  10. The Misfits (39)

Bands in bold are bands I only really got into this year.  Bands in italic are bands that I saw in concert this year.  The number following each band is where they fall in my overall number of listens, which is based on keeping the metadata for everything (roughly) I have listened to since 2005.

Top Ten Songs of 2012

  1. Weezer–Across the Sea (15)
  2. Weezer–Tired of Sex (4)
  3. The Long Winters–Ultimatum (56)
  4. The Long Winters–Fire Island, AK (56)
  5. Misfits–Skulls (56)
  6. The Long Winters–Seven (71)
  7. Weezer–El Scorcho (15)
  8. Weezer–Why Bother (39)

and a four way tie for ninth place: Weezer–Falling for You (48), The Long Winters–Pushover (118), The Long Winters–Rich Wife (118), The Long Winters–Sky is Open (118).


I really hated Spotify at first and I still have intense data quality issues with it, but it’s my daily music source these days.


This list compiled while listening to Exodus’ Exhibit B: The Human Condition.

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  1. E says:

    I was so into that Long Winters album my first year of grad school and then IT DISAPPEARED.

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