annual book roundup 2012

I read 50 books this year–20 more than last year.  Go me!

26 non-fiction/52% (18 last year/-8% last year)

24 fiction/48% (12 last year/+8% from last year)

 1 audio/2% (6 last year/-18% from last year)

 11 digital/22% (22 last year/-51%)

 38 paper/76% (8 last year/+49% change)


Biggest surprise: How much paper I read this year!  And I got way back into comics.  Looking at everything I read this year I pretty much liked everything–read a lot of great things.  Once again, a longer commute (and more comic books) have helped me out with more books read.

Biggest letdown: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


  • Chew: A great comic which has everything I love: gritty police drama, food politics, weird supernatural aspects, humor.  Great.
  • Ready Player One: I knew it would be great and it still exceeded my expectations.
  • Escape From Camp 14: I read a lot of things about North Korea and this was the most heart wrenching.

Most Overrated: Bone. Who likes this?
Books I could not finish this year:

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths: Holy man, what’s going on in this book?
  • Moonwalking with Einstein: I couldn’t get over the attitude of the writer.  Seriously I was listening to the audiobook in Turkey when no one spoke English and I STILL had to stop listening.

I most recommend: Chew, Ready Player One, Team Rodent.

Book tech: I still love my ereader.  I have noticed ebook formatting becoming more important.  Still can’t get into comics on e-devices.

Book Wish(es) for 2k12: I’m getting rid of this because it’s the same every year.

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