annual book roundup 2011

Apparently this never got posted last year…..

I read 30 books this year–3 less than last year.

18 non-fiction/60% (19 last year/-13% last year)

12 fiction/40% (9 last year/+13% from last year)

6 audio/20% (4 last year/+8% from last year)

22 digital/73% (10 last year/+40%)

8 paper/27% (19 last year/-31% change)

I didn’t count the intense travel research I’ve been doing for my upcoming trip, so I feel pretty cool with that number.

Biggest surprise: That not one, but TWO of my best buds from college published books this year. I can highly recommend both Grandpa Won’t Wake Up by simonmaxhill AND My Sweet Saga by Brett Sills.

Biggest letdown: I Was Told They’d Be Cake–I have no idea why people like this book.


Most Overrated: The book True Blood is based on.
Books I could not finish this year: I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive (Because Mary took the book back with her after our vacation), Travel As a Political Act, which I should finish soon, and Human Transit, which I should also finish soon.

I most recommend: Bearded Women Stories and Plastic: A Toxic Love Story.

Book tech: I now find reading paper books a total pain. I like that more people are adopting ereaders all of the time, and that kindle now has library lending. Amazon’s increasing hostility over ereader format compatibility is concerning.

Book Wish(es) for 2k11: Exact same things as last year:

  • Less crazy DRMs on ebooks I check out from Overdrive; (same as last year)
  • A more universal book wishlist export standard (so every time a new book website comes out, I don’t have to put all 658 books on the new list manually. Seriously people, Amazon is the standard. Find a way to import it. (same as last year)
  • Downloadable library materials more integrated with other materials & more browsable.

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