Awesome Search Terms

So here are the most interesting search terms people have used to get here, lately. I’ll try to answer any questions:

1. joey rourke

2. manhattan mall
it’s terrible, don’t go.

5. mormon movies online
I suggest netflix.

6. “appreciate cereal” “r kelly”
both? I can’t help.

9.”her whoring legs”

10.angry sluts
are awesome?

14.dads home big cock

15.daniel pinkwater conspiracy

I love Daniel Pinkwater! I’m unaware of a conspiracy.

17.does rite aid sell safety pins
do you really need to google this? yes. they have them.

18.does zupan’s take ebt
Yes. Or at least they did 8 years ago.

19.dress up like an og female gangster
I don’t think OG female gangsters are a thing.

20.duane reade safety pins
All drugstores have safety pins.  Just go there!

37.mickey and joey rourke
Seriously I do not understand all the fuss about the Rourke boys

39.moving boobs dad sleeping nude
Don’t google this. Just buy your dad some pajama pants.

54.the opal man spring green wi complaint
I have no complaints. He seems cool.

63.wikid klown
not the only clown reference by far, but the most amusing.

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