Public Service Announcement

Are we friends on a social network? Probably. Do you like surprises and/or free things?  Then you should do a few things:

  1. Have a public wishlist somewhere. Amazon? Pinterest? Goodreads? Etsy? I don’t care where. I’ll find it, believe me.  Keep it up to date, yo! (Side point: doing this makes it really easy in December when someone asks you what you want for xmas. You just send em a link.)
  2. Have your address somewhere on the internet.  Now I know everyone has different privacy concerns. I am not asking you to just publish it anywhere.  But hey, facebook has privacy settings so you could put it there and only expose it to your real friends.
  3. Be thankful.

What’s in it for you?  Well that second one means I won’t txt you every single time I have to go to your house because I don’t remember your exact address.  Combined with the first, it probably means you’ll get presents.  If I have to ask for your address, it will no longer be a surprise, which is no fun.  If you don’t have a wishlist, I might find it too hard to know what you’ll want.  If you get something from me and don’t send an email to even say you received it, I might get cranky and rethink sending you presents out of the goodness of my heart.


I love sending people presents, especially when it’s NOT a holiday or their birthday, but rather when I find something I think they’ll like or they are having a sucky time.  I know I much prefer random presents.  So follow my three step plan and you’ll get presents!


And yes, this means someone out there is getting a present because s/he follows rules. 🙂


  1. E says:

    Have you followed these rules? I have wishlists under this address, my snail mail address is on my LJ, and I write honest-to-god thank you notes for every gift (and many favors).

  2. Grace says:

    Holy shit. I just realized I never mailed the thank you note I wrote you for those awesome lullaby CDs for Emil. I am so sorry. Thank you for those!!

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