weather advisory

At my old job I had to categorize weather advisories as part of my job.  Or rather, weather advisories would pop up in lots of category you wouldn’t expect them to, and I had to reign them in.  As a result I read a few weather advisories, something I had never done before.  I mean generally the titles are something like, “tornado warning in effect.” You don’t have to read farther than that.


But I REALLY suggest you do.  They are well written, even flowery.  The fact that they are frequently in all caps is some weird annoying technological holdover which makes them visually hard to read, but press on.


I am currently in Chicago, which is having a heatwave.  The warning I read today told me, “current indications are the heat wave will be rather unrelenting.”  Can something BE rather unrelenting?  Basically the weird detail and phrasing in these alerts are amazing, and I encourage you to read them.  I am pretty sure meteorologists assume no one else reads them and so it’s fair game for wackyness.

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