goals roundup

Frankly, after a few months into the year I didn’t even look at these. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again this year. Lots of people say making goals public holds you accountable, and I am sure that’s true if you care at all what other people think about you.

  1. Meet with a financial planner. –I have an appt.
  2. Switch to a non-evil/Trevor approved bank–done
  3. Develop bedtime routine.–nope
  4. Eat breakfast at home most days.–achieved on and off
  5. Take a class to learn a new thing.-done times a bunch
  6. Hire a housecleaner.–nope
  7. Process all dad stuff–nope
  8. See a psychiatrist–did this briefly. it helped but wasn’t for me.
  9. Regular cardio–like everyday!
  10. Limit online time at home.–on & off
  11. Redesign/fix/update blog infrastructure.–done! right under the wire here!
  12. Floss regularly.–on & off. my very persnickety hygenist is happy.

A little over half? I’ll take that.

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