In Defense of Sluts

This has been a crazy week to be a single lady.  There’s this “Why You’re Not Married” article in HuffPo.  To summarize, the answer is because you’re a shallow, lying, selfish bitch.  DUH!  There have been many rebuttals.  This funny one on Jezebel.  This other awful one on CNN called “Why I’m not married (and it’s not because I’m an angry slut)”.

Now, I’m not a radical feminist.  I honestly don’t even self-identify as a feminist.  In college, women’s groups organized a protest against me.  Me PERSONALLY.  I wore a shirt that proclaimed proudly what they had called me.

Tool of the Patriarchy.

So if I am the person who is upset about women in the media, it’s probably an egregious offense.

I’ve been an angry slut.  And it’s pretty awesome.  And part of the definition of being a straight lady slut is that DUDES TEND TO LIKE YOU.  How can you slut it up without them?  Anyone who thinks men generally don’t like angry sluts should be introduced to the video pornography industry.  If loving angry sluts is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

So, if being an angry slut means you’re popular, why am I’m not married? Several men I’ve known have told me, sure I’d date/sleep with a slut but I wouldn’t MARRY one. Funny, I feel the exact same way about hypocrites.

Because I’ve turned several men down. Howzabout that for a reason I’m not married?

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  1. simon max hill says:

    I <3 angry sluts. I actually heart all kinds of sluts. I’m pro-slut and I vote!

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