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This last weekend I went to The Gathering of American Gods–a weekend at the House on the Rock in Spring Green, WI with Neil Gaiman to celebrate Halloween/the American Gods’ 9th Anniversary/everything House on the Rock.

While I could go on and on with how AWESOME this gathering was and how cool everyone involved was and how professionally everything was managed,* I’d like to talk about physical vs. electronic editions.

I’ve become a little bit of an e-reader zealot in the last few months after acquiring my ereader.  For some reason people think if you have an ereader you now hate all physical books/want to end the publishing industry/hate books.  I do not hate books and do not think physical editions should be destroyed. I just like to not carry heavy things around.

I read an electronic version of American Gods I checked out from the library.  I think it may have been my first ereader book.  It comes in 500-600 page ginormous editions.  i do most of my reading on public transit, so I’d never read a book of this generally, or at least it would take me way longer because I’d be doing it only at my house.  When we signed up for the Gathering, we were told there’d be a Treasure Hunt that would use the book.  We ended up using the kindle edition & google books.

It was the ideal way to do the hunt.

Say what you will about when physical books are more convenient/useful/romantic than ebooks, but when you’re trying to answer cryptic clues about a book you read months or years before, e-book was the way to go!

Obviously there are lots of other reasons why I like ebooks but this was one I had never thought of.

*Seriously, it was about the best organized event I’ve ever been to.

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