2009 Burial

Last night, some friends were talking about what the most horrible year of being a kid was.  And one of them jokingly said, “ha year 30!”  And I thought, “exactly!”

This year was great and awful.  Maybe it’s just an odd coincidence but a ton of people I know seemed to have a lot more horrible things happen to them this year than ever before.  So 2010 can’t come fast enough for me!

This year was very extreme.  I moved to a place I didn’t like and never wanted to live in again where I felt pretty alone.  I left a place with an apt. I loved and lots of friends I hated leaving.  I quit a secure job that sounded very impressive for the world of contracting in the middle of a tanking economy.  I spent the first time of my life as an adult in the same city as my family.  I delivered inexcusably crappy work (for the first time ever) to a freelance client I loved because of a crazy stress freakout.  I took care of an elderly ailing person.  I saw the person who raised me (and the last person other than me born with my last name) die and had to deal with (and continue to deal with) the aftermath pretty much alone.

On the plus side, I discovered a new subset of my field that I loved, and got a great job doing it with people I really like in a non-toxic environment.  I work with a partner who I could not trust or agree with more.  I spoke at conferences and taught classes in my field.  I was surrounded by people professionally who encouraged my development rather than some of the discouraging experiences I have had in the past.  For the most part, professionally, this year rocked, especially as I came into it pretty doubtfully.  I still feel like there’s not a huge group of people I can talk to professionally–there’s not really a conference or group I’ve yet felt fills this need.  I guess that’s a goal for next year.

Despite the long view of this being a positive year, I can’t say I am ending it as the happiest person ever. I couldn’t be happier to bury 2009. But, I don’t have any regrets for what I did in 2009, and that’s much more than I thought I could ask for going into it.

So happy & healthy new year everybody!


  1. Miss E says:

    Proud of you, lady.

  2. Mark says:

    ::hugs:: my friend!

    Keep on rockin’!

  3. Heidi says:

    Happy NY to you too. I’m still so sorry about your dad and have been wondering about all the estate crap you must be dealing with. We just finally got wills and power of attorney and all that for ourselves and man what a complicated hassle. I hope it works out OK for you.

    And seriously, DUBAI 2010!!! We will ride camels!

  4. simon max hill says:

    But you did get to visit Detroit in 2009! How amazing is that?

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