My friend Mary refers to my house as “The Best Doctor’s Office Ever.”  I have a problem with magazines.  I have absolutely no idea how many I get, and, since I pay for few of them I am always in an ebb and flow state of which I am subscribed to at this moment.  I am employed as a generalist, and my magazine selections definitely confirm this. As a kid, I would beg my parents to take me to magazine shops to buy Factsheet Five, a magazine, essentially, of magazines you could get.  A friend asked me for magazine recommendations today and it’s a subject I feel eminently qualified to speak about.  Here’s a rundown of what I can remember currently being subscriber to.  Bolded magazines are those which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Paid Subscriptions:

The Week (The best news source IMO)

Ready Made (have always loved it but generally get around to it only on vacation. I save the archives.)


Macworld (I will never get computer magazines, because why wouldn’t I be reading this on a computer?)

Men’s Journal (good outdoor writing)

Esquire  (consistently good non-fic)

Men’s Health  (good outdoor writing)

Field & Stream (fun gun articles; some outdoor writing that’s good)

American Cowboy (good rodeo coverage, historical articles, and interviews)

Cosmo (cheesy but fun)

Marie Claire (surprisingly good. I wonder if they got the bulk of Jane’s writers.)

Spin (I dislike keeping up with new music, but I do like music writing)

Martha Stewart Living (pretty–I keep archives)

Garden & Gun (The best new magazine.  Southern culture. beautifully printed)

O (Shockingly I like this mag. It’s not chintzy–beautiful printing and it’s FULL of words. It’s the anti-Cosmo.  I always pick it up while rolling my eyes, but I end up ripping something out of it every time.)

Popular Science (meh diagram porn)

Shape (It’s awful! Boring and faddy and horrifyingly poor health advice.)

Wired (Always good, pretty printing, takes a long time to get through.)

Woman’s Day (okay, some good recipes)

Glamour (cheesy fun)

Islands (cool photography. I have a minor obsession with esoteric islands)

Conde Nast Traveler (Pretty good!)

Cruises (Esoteric islands are generally encountered by boats)

The Advocate (Bitchy, gossipy, and sexist, but eh)

Psychology Today (It’s pop psych but somewhat smart and a ton of fun. Really odd & slightly pornographic photography, too!)

La Cucina Italiana (pretty uppity and boring. And northern)

Magazines I Consider Paying For

Bitch/Bust (I don’t get these because they will make me hate feminism though I did enjoy their content when I got them.)

Dwell (it’s jenny house pornography. Fills me with the seven deadly sins for furniture.  It makes me go on Googling blitzes till 3am about pre-fab housing.  I don’t think I should be allowed to have Dwell.)

All Martha Stewart titles–especially Everyday Food

Cook’s Country/Cook’s Illustrates (well printed & thought out)

Skeptic (good, if sometimes hateful magazine which busts conspiracy theorists & fakers)

True Confessions (This is a guilty pleasure, but nothing has taught me more about modern America than this magazine.  The crazy ass shit that flies in this magazine, while being advertised next to ceramic dolls would be illegal to film in most countries).


  1. nanette says:

    I actually like O as well. I usually read it when it comes in at the library. The articles are sometimes corny, but it never fails that there’s something I want to buy in that damn magazine. Last month it was nail polish remover that doesn’t smell like ass.

  2. jenny says:

    yeah it’s like practical lucky!

  3. Grace says:

    I am also a closet O fan. And Martha Stewart Living. But I really miss Budget Living.

    And I read Real Simple (hides head in shame).

  4. Stephanie says:

    I have never read O and I have never even considered it. Maybe I will investigate. I have saved all my Martha Stewart Livings and I now have so many that I can fill more than one large rubbermaid bin with them (and then be unable to lift said bin since it is filled to the brim with magazines.)

    I agree that Shape is awful. I think the worst magazine is Real Simple. I had a year subscription and it was the worst decision I made (apologies to Grace).

  5. Diet Porn says:

    How do you get your magazines for free? You can get Everyday Food for free with Coke Rewards (I do). If you buy/know people who buy coke products.

  6. Vanessa says:

    I continue to bitterly mourn the loss of Martha’s little spin-off, BLUEPRINT.

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