do me a quick favor, please?

hey! i am proposing a panel at a conference and it’s democratically chosen by those willing to sign up and click a box. Being the Chicagoan at heart that I am, I would love if you would vote early and often for yours truly (and a bunch of awesome people/librarians, not listed, from LibraryThing, Pandora, Zappos, and Google).

STEP 1: go here and register (takes 2 secs)

STEP 2: wait for your confirmation email (I had a problem with getting it in Gmail, so use another address if possible. They won’t spam you.) Click the link!

STEP 3: Search for metadata. You’ll find my panel “Kicking Ass with Controlled Metadata!”

STEP 4: Give that thing 5 stars!

DISCLAIMER: I certainly would not encourage any ballot stuffing. No, not me. No good comes of that. So you should only vote if you think it would truly add to the edification of the general SXSW populace. I leave this at your moral discretion.

But you know, VOTE FOR ME! VOTE FOR ME!


  1. Vanessa says:

    I am *still* waiting for my confirmation email. They don’t appear to like any webmail address. Conspiracy!

  2. Ben says:

    yeah, i don’t think this works. i received a confirmation email from, but that didn’t help much.

  3. jennybento says:

    It works, just not with a gmail/yahoo/hotmail account.

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