mormon movies

While looking for something online, I found a torrent of Mormon films.  I have watched three so far and they are really interesting. They are all pretty comedic/romantic because they almost always (so far) center around Utah and getting married.  And all mention how they don’t like swearing.  Frequently there are some references to no caffeine or alcohol.  I think it’s interesting that Mormon movies are pretty much playing into every Mormon stereotype ever.  They also all seem to have a rockin theme song written for them with the title of the movie in it.

I am in the middle of “Church Ball” about the mean streets of Mormon church basketball. An odd topic to be sure, but odder still it stars Andrew Wilson, Clint Howard, Gary Coleman, ad Fred Willard with an eye patch.

What?  How did that happen?  Fred Willard?

Next up is Mobsters and Mormons, starring the former host of Studs, Marc DeCarlo.  I cannot wait to be offended by see it.


  1. Maria Lombana says:

    Hi I just want to ask abouth the website were you can watch the mormon movies. Ok thank you.

  2. Brooke Taurima says:

    Hi, My message is just the same is the other one, Where can I watch these mormon movies online ?
    Great and thankyou I look forward to hearing back from you !

  3. jennybento says:

    I rented them from Netflix…

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