It’s July 11, or 7-11 day–the day of FREE SLURPEES!  I love Slurpees.  I prefer Coke or Cherry, but the new flavors once in a while turn my eye,  I went to the new Slurpee fancy website and watched a pretty funny video about the Slurpee’s history.  But what gave me pause was that I am currently exactly the average age of a Slurpee drinker.  I am a token of Slurpee goodness! Num num.  I also was given this factt:

  • Only one private individual owns a bona fide Slurpee machine. The rest are in 7-Eleven.

Dude, who is ths person!?

In NYC there are very few 7-11s but I coincidentally live only a few blocks from one.  WOOO SLURPEE!  Enjoy.


  1. Sarah says:

    I didn’t know that about 7/11 – I’m excited. Slurpees are one of my favorite things – Cherry Slurpees especially.

  2. Mark says:

    Where’s the Slurpee porn for crying out loud?

  3. Marc says:

    Damn. It’s 11:58 here. If I get there at 12:05 on the 12th are the slurpees still free?

  4. jennybento says:

    Ah Slurpees–the junk food everyone loves.

    Hmm I dunno–depends on how lenient your 7/11 people are.

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