dear sucky public library

Hi! I have several times tried to use your services–maybe a book or internet access. But all of your books are from 1973 and your storefront library leaves little to be desired. But you are close to my dad’s house and I need the internet. I call to ask you if you have “wi-fi.” You say, “what?” After a while I clarify I would like wireless internet, and you say you have it but I need a library card. Really? Okay, I have the ID and 2 pieces of mail you require to get one. When I come in to do so, you say my Netflix envelopes are “junk mail” and do not count. When I explain I bank and bill online you make fun of me.

So no internet will be given to me today by you. I wonder why I am the only patron in your library. Oh wait, I don’t, customer serviceless library. I don’t at all. I will go to the library .5 miles away that also has the free wifi for everyone.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    wifi for patrons only?! LAME.

    and here i though my library was TERRIBLE for not providing any sort of printing service for our wifi users. apparently, there are greater sinners among us.

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