omnivore’s dilemma

by Michael Pollan

It took me almost the whole year to read this book. I expected it to be SO GOOD, and everyone raved about it, but holy god is this book boring and pompous. First, could we get a food book that, instead of yelling about how horrible the food is in America, could even barely mention how LUCKY WE ARE to be able to choose between different kinds of food? I don’t feel quite in the food crisis Michael Pollan feels we are. Also, the interesting part of this book would have been inside the corn syrup factories, which he cannot go to. And there’s no real conclusive scientific evidence that HFCS is worse for you, not that this book has very much science in it. I did like the conversations with farmers. But the middle of this book almost killed me. I considered not finishing it. Basically this book says what tens of other books say, but in a more boring way, written in a voice that I find grating, ignorant, and unthankful.

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  1. Grace says:

    Wow. I found this book to be the least pompous of all of these kinds of books, and I especially thought the section about industrial organics (which is, I think, the middle section?) to be good and slightly different than most of the books in this vein.

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