to eric!

I have a friend who often jokes he wants to pay me to write nice things about him on my blog so that when people google him, it will come up. Tonight was his birthday, and he insisted on giving me partial cab fare back home from HIS birthday party. I scoffed at this idea–generally I can pay for a ride home from where I am visiting, and the idea of taking money from a person whose birthday it is is unfathomable to me. But, under duress, he put money in my coat. So today I sing songs (Ancient Greek style) of the excellence of one Eric Lovaas.

Eric feeds a dear deer beer

Eric Lovaas, dear future employer/friend/date, is one of the nicest, most responsible, and honest people I have ever met! He’s thrifty AND stylish. He’s wholesome in a Midwestern way! He has excellent musical taste. Eric is the kind of guy who will give you (or me) cab fare home on HIS birthday. Eric is the kind of guy who will stay sober to take a drunker friend (not me) home on his own birthday. He’s easygoing, modest, and funloving. He will supply you with free cigarettes when you are drunk. He is quite responsible and timely. He loves non-fiction and food books and will get you some for free. And he is quite an excellent Scrabble player. If you have a chance to know Eric Lovaas, I would recommend doing so.

You too can easily buy a testimonial. Inquire within.


  1. Vanessa says:

    Can Jeff and I have a testimonial? Perhaps for a wedding present?

  2. pete says:

    I can write nice things too! I can even make sure to cross post all over the internet nice things…. he’ll be like an internet celebrity!

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