I love cranberries.  I drink straight cran juice frequently, causing old roommates to think I always had a urinary tract infection*.  Previous to college, I had never had cranberry anything, I don’t think.  We didn’t have traditional side dishes with Thanksgiving, and so the only “cranberry sauce” I have ever seen was that on tv which came out of cans.  I did not understand how anyone could like this, and I have never been a fan of the gelatinous, so I never sook out cranberry anything.

Then one day in my college cafeteria I had cranberry juice.  I love everything sour so it was love at first sip.  I still do not understand why you would combine cranberries and meat (except for maybe sauerbraten), or why you would sweeten tasty tasty cranberries to the extent that is in most cran-sauce, but I am excited to see them in stores.  And I am super excited to have a lot of cranberry mimosas on Thanksgiving.  Num!  The only cran-jelly I’d be into is cranberry jello shots, however, Thanksgiving doesn’t lend itself to crazy parties in my experience.

*Maybe TMI, but I have never had a UTI, mayhaps due to this cran-love?


  1. Miss E says:

    I too love cranberries, though the juice just reminds me of UTIs, so I don’t drink it often. We used to make homemade cranberry sauce and then make a little cranberry idol out of the canned stuff.

    Have you had lingonberries?

  2. Miss E says:

    Also, have I mentioned how thoroughly I enjoy your blog?

  3. jenny says:

    yes! i love lingonberries. I have ikea lingonberry jam in my fridge.

    you have not mentioned it, but thank you. was it randomness that precipitated that comment?

  4. Heidi says:

    Ha! It’s my job to make the cranberry relish for thanksgiving this year. I like to make it with berries, oranges, walnuts and a little sugar, that’s all, oh and maybe some fresh ginger.

    Your parents probably taught you how to wipe correctly when you were little.

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