Strange Bedpersons

by Jennifer Crusie

I am reading pretty much every Jennifer Crusie book.  I enjoy them all about the same (which is a lot–they are funny and quick to read).  I also have the same, “I really don’t want people to see me reading this very pink book” shame about them, which, IS WRONG.  I know this because I had a whole class on it in library school, and I generally do believe, as a librarian that anything anyone enjoys reading is totally acceptable.  For some reason I can’t quite apply that to myself!


  1. Kasia says:

    I have a really hard time applying that rule to myself, too. I’m getting a little better about it, though.

  2. jennybento says:

    I know. And I do seriously believe it for other people!

    But generally life is to short to read books you don’t like, no matter how “quality” it is. Also, sometimes you just need fun books in the same way you need fun tv or fun movies. I wonder why people aren’t as judgemental about bad tv.

  3. Kasia says:

    I seriously believe it for other people, too! I think tv is easier because many people think it is just trashy entertainment and can’t be anything more, so have no problem enjoying it as such. As opposed to reading which has a reputation of being educational or edifying in some way.

    One day I swear I will read something completely trashy on public transportation and not be sheepish!

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