by Christopher Buckley

Silly, political, addictive, funny, biting satire.  I feel like at this point Christopher Buckley is super consistent–all of his books bring the same amount of cutting amusement.  The only difference on this one is that it’s about blogging, so it was a little more interesting to me.  But who knew there could be so much humor in a book about social security reform?  Although I often get bored at the DC-centric nature of Buckley’s books, this book made me realize I really wish he would run for office because I’d love to see his actual political beliefs.

A lot of these audiobooks I have been reading have been from Overdrive at the NYPL.  Of course I can’t listen to them on my ipod, or on my home computer.  I can listen at work though, which is nice.  The major bummer of the system though is that you can only check out a certain number of books, and you cannot return books you have checked out.  So digital books I checked out and finished two weeks ago are still in my queue and I cannot get them out!  It’s really annoying.  I can understand most other aspects of the library digital books copyright issues, but not why they force me to keep the book!

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