I try to put as few words in my slides as possible, but my job IS words, so I am not amazing at it.  However, my slides from my presentation today may not make sense without the audio, which should be available later.  Here they are in pdf.  The wireless here is AWFUL so this may be a touchy link.  I will try to get something more stable ASAP.


  1. Mary says:


    The slides look awesome! You are my presentation hero. You’ll have to give me to details once you get back to NYC.

  2. Richard says:

    Did you do these in PPT or Keynote? I’m trying to decide whether to switch to Keynote, because I’ve heard lots of good things about it…


  3. jennybento says:

    Keynote! I like it better. It was WAY easier to move things around, add photos. I used really basic settings tho. The only thing to remember is BRING your vga dongle. heh heh. dongle.

  4. Mary says:

    Have either of you (or anyone else reading this thread) tried any web-based presentation tools? I’m not a huge fan of PPT, but I’m not a Mac user as of yet. I wondered if Zoho Show or Thumbtacks were any good. I think Google’s coming out with a version soon too…Zengle or something silly like that.

  5. jennybento says:

    I have not–I have done slides in HTML before though….web based seems like a way better plan….

  6. GP says:


    That is so fucking sweet.

    Thank you,


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