the developers

by Ben Woods

Ben Woods is my MySpace friend. I am guessing he found me because I list Max Barry as one of my favorite authors. He mentioned he was coming on a book tour to Champaign. What odd luck, I thought–an author who seems similar to another author I love coming to where I live! However it was on a day I was out of town. So it was not meant to be.

Later he told me he was doing a free book to every state, if I agreed to review it. So here I am. I like that publishers are now using online media to get the word out on their books. It is especially a great marketing tool for independently published books.

I have been putting off reviewing it because I feel a little weird about this–I never intended to be a book publicist. While I have reviewed a self-published book before the author did not know that I blogged when he gave it to me. I know the author will read this review, and, I am, minutely indebted to him by getting the free book. In fact, though I am sure no one noticed this, I also review a LOT of Harper-Collins books, as I get free books of theirs through a friend. Again, I feel completely FINE saying I hate their books, but I like to be as transparent as possible. In fact, while reading this book, I got another offer of a free book in exchange for a review.

I read this book a long time ago but felt weird reviewing it since the author will probably read this.  I write my reviews mainly so that I can refer back to what I thought of something and because my friends frequently ask what I am reading.  So this is new!  Basically I really liked this book.  Like, I missed my stop on the subway when reading it.  I thought there was some trail off at the end, and it could use another edit, but especially for something self-published it was great.  It was incredibly funny and reminded me of “microserfs” by doug coupland and “Company” by Max Barry.  I highly recommend it to anyone who has worked in a techie office.


  1. Miss E says:

    I loved “Company”, and “Microserfs” is my most favorite book ever. I’ll have to give this one a try.

  2. jenny says:

    Yes I thought of you when I wrote that!

  3. Ben says:

    Hey Jenny! Thanks for the comments about my book. Is it OK if I post a link to it on my website?

    I agree with your comments too … the ending may have been abrupt because I think I had thought of doing another. Instead, I came up with a better project.

    I’m all for reviewers speaking the truth about what the think about my book, but maybe that’s because I appreciate constructive criticism. I figure that’s the best way to get better at writing. But yeah, some people don’t like it. The thing that pisses me off, though, is when a reviewer prints false statements, which has happened to me.

    Thanks again, and if you go to BEA this year, maybe you can recommend other books to me because it seems like we have the same tastes!

  4. jennybento says:

    you’re welcome to–i very much enjoyed it!

    i would clarify, i think, because i liked the characters so much, any ending would have sucked, you know? cuz it’s an ending!

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