we won’t show up drunk

You’d think that would be a given in a mover, but I like that the company I am thinking of choosing for my move has that in their craigslist ad.


  1. Heidi says:

    Does that mean you are moving to LA??

  2. jennybento says:

    Oh God no! They just happen to also advertise there. I am staying in NYC for the foreseeable future!

  3. Danny Howard says:

    “Don’t be evil.”

  4. Kasey says:

    So Moishe’s, who moved me from Chicago to Urbana and from Chicago to Philadelphia, are based in NYC. I think they’re very good. Just a suggestion.

  5. jennybento says:

    yeah i need like, 2 guys and a van. Moishe’s seems a bit overdone.

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