Some guy named Luis still gets his mail at my apartment.  He has been doing so for the whole time my roommate has been living here (2 yrs).  Some Jehovah’s Witnesses still come to see him too.  In case you are wondering, Luis’ mail seems pretty boring.  We mainly throw it out or leave it by the mailboxes.

Which is why it was a surprise to be awoken this morning at 6:50 by a police knock at our door.  I jumped about three feet out of bed and put on my robe to open my door to my roommate and three policemen.  Not exactly the audience I expect crowded around my door at 7am. Apparently someone ELSE is looking for Luis.
As soon as they figured out we were tired normal people instead of some evildoers harboring criminals, they left after sweeping the place.  As they left they said “Aww our big bust!” in a sad way like they really thought Luis would be here.


  1. simon max hill says:

    Do you have Luis hidden in the attic, Anne Frank style?

  2. jenny says:

    no he makes me stay in the attic most of the time. help.

  3. Marc says:

    Your disguise is perfect, Luis–I mean, um, Jenny.

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