devil is a gentleman: Exploring America’s Religious Fringe

When I saw this book at the library, I thought there could be no book in the world more targeted at me.  In it, a man visits many odd churches and writes about them.  In reality, this book has long, long stretches that remind me of taking an awful anthropology class.  If I wanted to read Henry James I would have picked that up, but this book quotes him (without exaggeration) every other page.  Snooze.  I could have done without the high-minded analysis and more description of the events.

So skimming over the James parts made this an interesting book.  It got a little slow toward the end.  I did like the inclusion of Atheists as a religion–sort of interesting.  But overall this could have been so much better.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I don’t believe that.

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