soon i’ll be up for retirement

In my old age (it is birthday month after all)* I have noticed I have begun to forget things.  Having an autistic in the family, my family members and I genetically have pretty good, yet odd memory.  Finding physical objects has been my ability, which is helpful since I have been an utter slob my entire life.  However, I can find my keys in that mess.  Well, not as much anymore.

However most of these memory losses have occurred in a happy way.  Past Me does something which makes Future Me  (or Current Me, depending on your (my) perspective) incredibly happy.  Past Me put all these albums by Jens Lekman on my Amazon wishlist.  Current Me has no idea why, but decided to take a chance.  Way to go, Past Me, you know just the albums I would like!

Today I found a pair of jeans in my closet.  I do not recall seeing these jeans….ever.  They are black and I generally don’t BUY black jeans (I think I have owned one pair).  They are also rolled up, in a way I never do, and creased as if I always wear them this way.  And they are much too long for me.  But they fit me perfectly in other respects, so I cut off the bottoms.   Thanks for the jeans, Past Me!  Also they are very very low rise, so I would assume I would have remembered buying pants where my ass comes out.  Apparently Past Me doesn’t remember to cover her ass.
Oddly, while writing this, Jens Lekman came on my iTunes shuffle.  Now Past Me is freaking me out.

*No worries.  I am not one of those “I am SO OLD” twentysomethings.  I am not worried about age at this time.

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