sneaking in just under the wire, these are some of the books i recall reading recently. i have been bad at recording them!

conservatize me

liked it, but thought it was stereotypical, demeaning to non-city types, and kind of made me hate “liberals.”

lemony snicket the end

loved it, but of course am sad that it is over. good ending!

the pirates in an adventure with ahab

good, not as good as the first though. possibly because i haven’t read moby dick, yarrrrrr.

magical thinking

good! much funnier than running with scissors and not depressing!

stupidest angel

a little hokey, a fast read. the subject matter i found sort of boring, and there was little story, but the characters were good. i look forward to reading other books of his.

they call me…mad dog

a pretty book. very weird. no cohesive story. interesting nonetheless, but i doubt i would ever read anything by her again.


  1. Idun says:

    Try A Dirty Job by Moore – I would give it a similar review as your Angels one except I didn’t find the subject matter dull.

  2. jenny says:

    i own it, but haven’t gotten to it yet. i really want to read Lamb by him…

  3. Jenn/Yana says:

    Lamb is awesome and screech-aloud funny in place. A Dirty Job is also really, really good. I’d say both are much better than “The Stupidest Angel.”

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