Delayed Jobs Special Event Reaction

Here’s my Jobs Special event play by play commentary.

HOLY SHIT! Steve is wearing a different shirt! WTF?! I like it, but is this some sort of midlife crisis?

ecosystem around the ipod? steve you are such a hippie.

okay I’ll admit it. When I saw the pink nano I looked at my black nano a little cruelly. “Why can’t YOU be pink?” my dirty look said. That being said I don’t get the nano. It is pretty much useless. I never wanted one and I got one for free and now that I have it, I still don’t understand its purpose. If I ran, I could understand it, but other than working out, who wants a less capable ipod? I also find its headphone plug in the bottom totally annoying.

Of course the new search with letters feature is AWESOME. I have always hated the completely stupid alpha only ipod interface. Yay. And more games–also yay. This is not true of the games which are 5G ipod compatible, but seriously why has there not been more game development on the ipod?
I think it’s interesting that Apple is leaving the iWhite lucite phase and going back to PowerBook aluminum in the ipods/shuffles. Apparently with the PB phaseout Apple’s getting nostalgic for metal.

iPod/iTunes integration updates=good, and FINALLY you can sync more than one machine! I am super excited to try that out, but iTunes’ weirdness with multiple libraries still bugs me.

Awwww Steve thinks iTunes’ music rights are broad. How cute.

How is being able to connect your computer to your tv new?

The thing I hate about Apple releases is that they inadvertently make you feel bad about the Apple products you currently own, since almost none of them are available for previous releases. It’s like an anorexic attending a fashion show….you get very excited but then realize you are inferior.

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