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How come when you make friends with people on the internet that’s weird, but if you make friends with people IRL (ha), and then only communicate on the internet, it’s okay?  I am not disagreeing with this idea, just wondering why everyone, even people who are power internet users, seem to still feel the same way.  The corrolary is that everyone you meet on the internet is weird: “You know, they were INTERNET PEOPLE!” but your friends, when they go to things where they meet people from the Internet are never Internet People.

It sounds like a horror movie…..They Came from the Internet!

SEE: The awkwardness!

Hear: The strained conversation

Watch: as their real life persona does not actually live up to their online one!
Read: about yourself on their blog the next day!

THRILL: about noting….it’s the Int0rn3tz, man


  1. Heidi says:

    Am I an Internet People to you? I haven’t seen you “IRL” in probably like two years.

  2. jenny says:

    No, you are most definitely NOT! That’s why it’s so weird to me….I have probably a handful of people I consider IRL friends who I met on the Internet, yet still the idea of befriending internet people seems….dorky? like i have been going to internet group things here and when the people are lame I am always like “well, they’re internet people, what do you want?” but that seems obviously dumb since *I* am an internet person too, and *I* am cool (to me at least! 🙂 ).

    And likewise, most of my friends are currently people I mostly contact via the internet. They’re involved in internet groups and they’re not weird (in the bad way). So why still the “internet people” stigma?

  3. simon max hill says:

    What about when you get set up for an “internet blind date”. A friend of mine gave my email to a nutball he knew from bars, and gave me that guy’s email address. We communicated via email for 2 months before actually meeting.

    Would he be an internet friend, or something more twisted?

  4. jenny says:

    and, how did it go?

  5. simon max hill says:

    He’s pretty cool, though kind of erratic and insane.

  6. donut says:

    At this point, I actually have a fair number of friends who I met first online. And they are cool people! Not mouth breathers at all (though I’ve met a bunch of those, too).

    But there’s still definitely a stigma, because when I’ll be at a party or something, someone will ask me how I met the host, and all of a sudden we both get really embarrassed cuz we have to admit that we met online.

    Oh well. At least I never online dated! Although, this hella creepy turkish guy just messaged me out of the blue on He wants to go to art galleries with me. Scary!

  7. jenny says:

    yeah i have been thinking about it and it seems like people i have already had a relationship with online (lj, getcrafty) have been AWESOME. but everyone i have met at a meetup (generally we have one thing in common) or friendster/dating site, it’s been pretty much bad.

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