the downside of living in the greek hood

note to self: crumbly phyllo dough and wet shirt=a giant gluey mess that will make you look like a retard who wears dirty shirts and can’t eat properly. coworkers totally respect that.


  1. Kasey says:

    dude. order from Pinocchio’s pizza. They’re abso-bloody-lutely awesome:
    Pinocchio Palace
    3202 30TH Ave
    Astoria, NY 11102-1528
    (718) 721-9636

    There’s also this fantastic Greek restaurant. It’s got lots of MEAT that’s fabulous and the best lemon potatoes on the world. And that orzo soup:

    Taverna Kyclades
    3307 Ditmars Blvd
    Long Island City, NY 11105-2105
    (718) 545-8666

  2. jennybento says:

    i pass pinnochio’s EVERY DAY. TWICE. so i will be sure to order them….

    i have yet to walk up and down ditmars (my favorite new word–ditmars! i don’t know what i shall use it to mean. maybe like “DAMN!” i.e. “Hey I am preggers” “DITMARS, girl! Congrats!”

  3. Kasey says:

    Awesome. I will plan to visit NYC sometime in the next month or so, so maybe we can go eat Greek MEAT together.

  4. Kasey says:

    ditmar. yeaaaaah. oh, and I don’t remember how my friend Robin and I got there whenever we went. We might have gotten off the N early or something. Or taken a cab. Hmm. The only reason I know anything about Astorian cuisine is because my friend Robin was there and I spent lots of time with her. And because I dated a girl who lived there. Robin lived at 35-34 24th or something like that. Right off the Astoria stop on the N. But there’s like a new train now or something. Confusion….

    I got to ride the J train back in July. It was excellently exciting.

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