buck 65

I went to a free concert of Buck 65’s last night at the “Starbucks Salon.” I didn’t really understand the Starbucks ploy inherent in renting a space for a month, completely redoing it to look gritty and industrial, putting in cool furnitures, plasmas, and a starbucks, having free shows and then closing again in a month, but I do like free shows of people not playing in any other venue. I looooove Buck 65, and have only heard him played from my computer/in my house. One person I know knew who he was, but other than that, he is an artist I keep trying to foist on people. So imagine my surprise when I was looking for something to do in my new city, and I found a concert of his, and it was free. Yippee!

I discount that I have actually cool musical taste (what with the love of a good Toby Keith song now and then), and so I assumed it would be packed, since if I know about something, usually lots of people do too. Everything said to get there early but, due to never having been to the crazy non-griddy streets of soho, I was later than I wanted to be. No worries though–there was hardly anybody there! So I got a seat close up on the Tempur-pedic furniture and it was awesome. They didn’t let him play for long, but everyone there was as amazed they were seeing buck 65 as I, so it was great.

If you have no idea who I am going on about, imagine the onstage presence of Jonathan Richman, with Tom Waits’ voice doing country hiphop. From rural Canada. Clearly awesome. Like at the Waits show, I had to keep reminding myself that THAT voice was coming out of THAT person. Also, buck 65 told a lot of jokes, and was very funny. It was the best show I could have hoped for. Run right out and buy some buck 65. or listen to a couple of the newer songs here.

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