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Recently I have read:

The Devil Wears Prada
This is not really what I usually read, but a former professor of mine said she assigned this to her book club, and they all vehemently hated the main character (whom you are not supposed to hate). Also, everyone can align with a story about a bad boss although I have been blessed with mainly good bosses, several of which I hang out with to this day. While thinking about this book in the shower the other morning, I realized that until library school every single one of my bosses has always been woman. This is ironic, since libraries are generally 80% women. I enjoyed the book and liked the main character, although it did start to get a little long, and I could care less about fashion. It seems like an odd book, because you would have to like fashion to enjoy a lot of the book, but the main character hates fashion, so it seems set up for you to dislike her. Also, at the end she has to apologize for all the bad things she does, but I don’t think they are all that bad.

This is all the rage in the culinary blogging world, or was like, 3 months ago. At first I couldn’t put this book down, but the last few chapters dragged on. I liked the aspect of a know nothing learning the trade, I liked the culture of the restaurant and the discussion of the chef/rockstar thing. I did not really care about the author’s personal journey in Italy, or his obsession about recipe minutae. I also was somewhat sickened toward the end with the completely uncritical look he took at many of the main characters’ overt sexual harrassment. Oh wacky slapping employees on the ass and threatening their jobs! I did like all the porkcentrism. Who knew you could eat pork fat raw?

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