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Recently I have seen many calls for papers of pop culture things. My recent favorites being a call for literary analysis on Jennifer Crusie novels. And then there’s this one for the Mag Fields:

Call for Magnetic Fields Papers:
Scholarly articles interpreting the lyrics of songs by The Magnetic Fields desired for a book.
Each paper should be between 2000 and 5000 words.
please send abstracts to
Articles should interpret lyrics in depth. An entire paper about one song would be excellent or a paper about four songs in conjunction. Papers that cover more than 5 songs should display overall comprehensive knowledge of the Magnetic Fields. It is important that each paper cover any literary references in the songs being discussed.

Now in no way do I mean to dis on these calls for papers. As a fan of both Crusie and Merritt, I have often thought critically while enjoying their art. And that is why I am sending out the official
INSANE CLOWN POSSE CALL FOR PAPERS (which, unsurprisingly, is without google hits):

Can be about the entire Dark Carnival mythos or singular songs including these titles:

So please, join in!

Oddly, there are many google hits for Michel Foucault and ICP, including this man‘s blog where he writes about living his life as MF. Including the brilliant line:

“Why Justin,” said Foucault with disarming nonchalance, “are you not, as you Americans say, down with the clown?

Even more strange, his name sounded familiar and I realized this blogger and I went to college together. See what community the literary crit of ICP can bring?


  1. Vanessa says:

    You should really discuss ICP with my dad. He’s fascinated by the juggalos [sic?].

  2. jenny says:

    i would love to!

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