landlords: the logan’s run of cool people

I think becoming a landlord is to the sanity like turning 30 in Logan’s Run.  90% of all landlords anyone I have ever known people to have are complete and utter crazy people.  Why, all of a sudden, when people buy land to rent, do they turn batshit crazy?  And
how do the other 10% survive the crazy?

This is all prompted by the fact that I am moving to a new apartment here in Champaign.  And I called my landlord (1 of 2) to ask if/when/where he wants his keys back, as there has been no communication about it thus far, even though I am moving TUESDAY.  So I mentioned the date 2 said I could move out on.  And my landlord 1 started screaming at me and hung up on me.  He wants me to move out the day before.  Bummer, that ain’t going to happen.  I get that might be an issue, but dude, chill out and we can talk about it.  Perhaps the new people can move in while I move out?  I would have offered had he not gone crazy, yelled, and hung up on me AGAIN the second time I called.
Holy crap, man, you are retired and your only gig is running an apartment building.  I get that this might be the highest stress time of the year for that as all of our leases expire, but I don’t think repeatedly rudely hanging up on me is the way to go.
The ridiculous part is, I still don’t know where to drop off my keys.  If this man is so concerned about the new tenants, you’d think that would be a central fact he would want me to know.  Guess not.

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  1. Mark says:

    Dang, sounds like Pig time to me! 😉

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