Justify My (Apple) Love*

Wanting, needing, waiting
For you to justify my love

Hoping, praying
For you to justify my love

Yearning, burning
For you to justify my love

What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?

I’m open and ready
For you to justify my love

~Madonna, “Justify My Love”

Everyone who knows me knows I am a very, very committed Mac user. I did start out a Mac user, because when I was 4 or 5 Apples were what my local library had. And in the 2nd grade I got a scholarship to LOGO programming camp. After I got a Commodore 64 though, I never really went back to Mac products. I was a staunch PC user in the days of pre-OS 9. Bleh. Nothing worked on a Mac. I wanted to move things back and forth on disks. Macs sucked at that. Sucked hard. I used computers for game playing. Macs were kinda awful at that too. Where’s the command line? I don’t want these pictures! Macs were expensive, and I couldn’t even convince my parents to get me a cheapass PC.
Then a virus killed my PC. And I went to an unapologetic all-Mac campus and the alma mater of Steve Jobs. Even if I wanted my PC in the dorms, I got no support from IT and I had to use Macs in the labs and on all assignments. And that forced sitdown in front of Macs (as well as a free laptop) converted me slowly but surely.

My first Mac was a 1400cs which my school allowed me to use for free for a year. I wrote my thesis on that, and experienced my first earthquake with it in my lap. Then I went back in time, and got a 540c Blackbird which I bought on ebay. I sort of got screwed on this deal as it died pretty quickly. I acquired an SE Classic which I intended to make into an aquarium but couldn’t bear taking apart and killing. Then my friend Brett sold me his old G3 Tower, I believe, for a dinner at Denny’s. When I left Portland in 2003 I sold it on ebay and got screwed on that deal because the monitor broke in delivery and the dude I sold it to blamed me.

Having learned that perhaps ebay and Macs and I do not mix, I bought a refurb G3 12″ ibook 800 from Smalldog.com, whom I love. It was pretty awesome all around and I had zero complaints. Until it started being seriously buggy. I took it into an Apple Store and the “genius” ridiculed me for having such an “old” computer, and kept basically blaming the problems on its age and my faults. Then it died in his hands and I took part in the great Apple logic board recall.

And here is where my Apple issues began.

That ibook got flown around here and there about a million times. It came back to my house, still broken, got sent back to Apple, sent back to me, still broken, sent back to Apple and then LOST in the mail. Bully for me, Apple sent me a new 12″ ibook G4 1.2 Ghz. I was pretty much enraptured, since I had been meaning to buy a new ibook anyways. Lalala everything’s fine for a while.

Then I bought an ipod photo. I bought it in March of 2005. In the 15 months I have owned it, I have gotten TWO replacement ipods since the first 2 died within my first year of warranty. The sad ipod face at first amused me, but now is just a recurrent annoyance.  I am basically at the point where I expect my ipod to die every 5 months or so.
So back to my G4. My screen died, I sent it in. It came back with a gap between the screen and the frame which got bigger and bigger until somehow the screen and HD died. I was afraid Apple would not repair this since it looked like I dropped it. But they did. And I got my mac back in record time. I was all about to espouse love for my new computer (basically) which I got back a little over a week ago. But then I put in a cd. And it wouldn’t come out. And anytime I put my mac to sleep and close the lid, it shuts off. So I am sending it in again.

Generally I find the Applecare people treat me like an idiot, but today I got a very nice guy, who, seeing all the work I have had done, was a tad flabergasted by my recurring willingness to buy mac. Which I do have. I mean this is starting to grate on me, but the service is actually so much less headache than I would be having with a PC. But it does leave me wondering why in the hell I am still so in love with Apple. Why do I fall asleep every night under the watchful eyes of Steve Jobs?

So Apple, please justify my love. And how could you do that? By giving me a free MacBook Pro Black for my trouble. My love can be bought!

*title credits to Kurt

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