CU Taxi

Dear CU Taxi. Richard was right. Apparently, when people make a cab reservation ahead of time, you write down their time and date of travel carefully, mush it up, and throw it in the garbage. I chose you because you have an online reservation system but apparently it’s not BASED IN REALITY. Although I have email confirmation from you that, yes, I will need a cab at 5:45 AM on a Wednesday, a hopping time for cabs no doubt, when I called you, you had NO IDEA that I wanted a cab. Huh?

However, me calling to confirm righted the whole situation and I learned that when I need a cab in the future, my cab company will be early, since I live near the Dunkin Donuts, and they hang out there.

Growing up near O’Hare Airport, I am still astounded by tiny airports. This one is officially owned by the University. I was unaware universities could have airports. The security checkin was particularly amusing since their was white powder all over my shoes (talc spill at home), but no one cared at all.

I got super delayed at O’Hare, again like Richard, but ran into a lot of library people, so that was great…..more soon!


  1. Richard says:

    Are you in for a C-U Taxi boycott? Of course I’m offering this after just taking them home from the airport. Notice how efficient they are to be AT the airport to get people. Do they have a monopoly on this? Does the Univ. sanction this? At other airports, taxis que up for passengers. Why does this sucky company get all the bid’ness.

  2. jennybento says:

    I would boycott, but I need a way to get home from the airport. Curses.

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