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My ALA schedule will be available, and frequently changing, here:

I will be staying in the NMRT Renaissance Pere hotel from the 21-27. Please call (at the hotel or the cell) or email if in town. Other than many ALA happenings, and seeing long lost library friends, I would like to:

    I don’t think I will get all of these things accomplished, especially as my ALA calendar fills up, but I am hoping to do some of it. If you have suggestions, or you’ll be there and want to do any of this, let me know. I am all for killing two birds with one stone, and since there are no open container laws, drinking Abita beer and looking at cemeteries, for example, could go hand in hand!

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  1. Idun says:

    Try the Voodoo/Cemetery Tour and kill two birds with one stone. J and I did this and let me tell you, the woman who spoke at the voodoo shop was out of her mind! But don’t tell her I said that — I don’t want any chicken feet arriving in my mailbox.

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